Former President Donald Trump endorsed Congressman Mark Green (R-TN-07) in his bid for an additional term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Citing Green’s record as a “Conservative Warrior” for the district, Trump awarded Green his “Complete and Total Endorsement.”

“Congressman Mark Green is a Conservative Warrior for the wonderful people of Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District. A U.S. Army veteran and a Bronze Star recipient, Mark has bravely served our Country, defending our Freedom and American Values. He is a Champion for Secure Borders, the Second Amendment, Life, Families, and our Great Veterans,” Trump said in a statement.

“Mark Green is a fantastic Representative, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

The Tennessee lawmaker, who was first elected in 2018, serves on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Committee on Armed Services. Additionally, he is involved in several caucuses: the House Freedom Caucus, Republican Study Committee, Special Operations Forces Caucus, GOP Doctor’s Caucus, and Pro-Life Caucus, among others.

Green announced his intentions for the third term in February:

The heavy-handed policies of the Democrat leadership in Washington have harmed all Americans—from small towns to the inner city, from union members to small business owners. Now isn’t the time to get complacent, but to fight harder for freedom, justice, and for every American to be able to attain the American dream,” he said in a release.

“That is why I am committed to fighting against government overreach and for the preservation of the freedom that makes our country great. I look forward to asking all the voters of the 7th district—old and new—for their vote, and I will give 100% of my energy to helping every Tennessean in this district to use his or her God-given abilities to fulfill the potential given to them.”

According to documents from the secretary of state, Green is running unopposed in the Republican primary. He will face Odessa Kelly, who is running also unopposed in the Democratic primary, in November’s general election.

Source: The Tennessee Star

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