Op/Ed written by Congressman Mark Green, TN-7, published in The Hill.

For those who, like me, were young in the 1980s and served in uniform, the movie “Top Gun” will always have a special place in our hearts. Many service members and fellow veterans I meet with credit seeing Tom Cruise’s iconic portrayal of Maverick for their initial interest in military service and years of intense training to join the most elite aviation units in the world. So why are Hollywood studios censoring the upcoming sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” with help from President Biden’s Department of Defense?

Nearly four decades after the release of the original “Top Gun,” the picture looks very different. With a failing career politician in the White House intent on degrading and apologizing for American values at home while appeasing totalitarian regimes abroad, Hollywood has been emboldened to censor our values. This censorship is often assisted by the federal government’s involvement in Production Assistance Agreements with Hollywood executives. For instance, despite receiving extensive and good faith cooperation from our military service members, including comprehensive access to fighter jets, ships, and Navy sailors, Paramount Studios chose to craft “Top Gun: Maverick” to win the approval of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censors. Paramount removed Taiwanese and Japanese imagery (two of America’s closest allies) from the movie entirely, most notably by changing the patches on Maverick’s famous bomber jacket from the original film.

This is far from the only example of Hollywood kowtowing to the genocidal CCP. There have been countless examples of studios editing their films to align politically with the CCP or, even more frequently, editing the advertising of these films, often to airbrush out African American stars. For example, Chinese posters for the recent blockbuster “Dune” (2021) inexplicably removed the black American actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster from Chinese posters despite her central role in the film. Additionally, Chinese advertisements for the recent “Star Wars” sequel trilogy similarly removed or significantly reduced the black British actor John Boyega’s presence.

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