Op/Ed written by Congressman Mark Green, TN-7, published in Real Clear Policy.

It’s no coincidence that pundits refer to actions taken by world leaders as occurring on a “global stage.” International relations is often like theater, though instead of throwing flowers in applause, it can end in the threat of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The only question is: Who is the audience?

An audience can be identified as those who are silently watching. As Russia continues its unjust war in Ukraine, rolling tanks over citizens and bombing city squares, we must ask: who is silent? Who is watching?

Instead of condemning Putin’s horrendous invasion, many world leaders remain silent. Despots like Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-Un, the Ayatollah Khamenei, Nicolás Maduro, and others are silently watching, waiting to see how they too can seize the moment and consolidate power.

Every action, and every instance of inaction, is a learning point for world leaders. Despots are not stupid — they are cold, calculating, and strategic. Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he had perceived strength from the United States. Weakness is provocative, and Putin sensed weakness.

I visited Ukraine and NATO Headquarters in Brussels…Read the full article at Real Clear Policy.

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