Opinion | 'Dirt' says Green will be our champion in Congress

Why Dr. Mark Green for Congress? Easy answer. My name is Dirt. I was born on a West Tennessee rural route. I’ve been poor — as a child I lived on a dirt floor — and I’ve been what I thought was rich.
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If Elected to Congress State Sen. Mark Green Would Propose Student Loan Payback Program With Employer Contribution Just Like 401Ks

Steve Gill and 7th District Republican Congressional nominee State Senator Dr. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) sat down for an extensive interview about Green’s candidacy for Congress , and his position on a broad range of issues important to Tennesseans.
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OPINION: Mark Green outshines the other candidates for Congress

By SEN. JACK JOHNSON When Republicans go to the polls in the 7th congressional district on August 2nd, we will only see one choice for U.S. Congress.
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