By Rep. Mark Green

The United States serves as a beacon of freedom around the globe. The red, white, and blue of our flag is a reminder to the world that freedom is a precious gift from God that cannot be rightfully taken by any government.

However, over the past three years that I’ve served in Congress, I’ve witnessed a dangerous transformation. Radical leftists in Washington, not all Democrats, are attempting to rework the very fabric of our society to fit their goal: an authoritarian way of life in the U.S. In essence, the Left wants to replace our Founders’ concept of the “Golden Triangle of Freedom” with a “Tyranny Triangle” of dependence and subjugation.

The Golden Triangle of Freedom is how our Founders viewed the country. The eminent social critic Os Guinness details this concept in his book, A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future. To put it simply: our freedom requires a virtuous people, virtue requires faith, and faith requires freedom. I agree with many who have suggested that the “faith” in the triangle means a fixed concept of moral right and wrong. If we don’t have all of these, we cannot have a functioning constitutional republic; we cannot have freedom.

To execute their goal — centralized power in their hands — radical leftists are scheming up an excuse to overthrow our way of life so that we all want a new system. How are they doing this? By painting a negative picture of our current systems of government and the economy: bad, evil, inequitable, threatening to our very lives.

As I contemplated the differences between the anti-freedom actions of the progressive Left, I realized leftists have a triangle, too, which is the antithesis of the Golden Triangle of Freedom: I call it the “Triangle of Tyranny.”

Authoritarianism is a coin of two sides, dependence and subjugation. To achieve both requires degrees of chaos. Chaos leads a people to surrender freedoms to an authoritarian for peace and security. To take root, you need moral relativism. Of course, moral relativism requires some degree of authoritarianism to direct what the leadership says is “proper” today. We know how this ends — with tyranny as the result.

Everything the progressive Left is doing in America today points toward its end goal: the complete undoing of the American way of life, culture, and capitalism for the establishment of authoritarianism.

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