The Daily Caller first obtained a piece of the legislation, which is titled the “Reducing Medically Unnecessary Delays in Care Act.” The bill would specifically reform the practice of prior authorization in Medicare and Medicare Advantage by requiring that board-certified physicians in the specific specialty be the only ones permitted to make important decisions.

The bill also would require Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D plans to base restrictions on a medical necessity and written clinical criteria, and as additional transparency commitments.

In addition, the bill would fix prior authorization in prescription drug plans under Medicare.

“A physician should be the one determining a patient’s course of treatment. Prior authorization is a roadblock to care—equivalent to a bureaucrat in the waiting room. Medicare and Medicare Advantage plan administrators should not be able to exercise a unilateral veto over a doctor’s prescribed treatment,” Green told the Caller before introducing the bill.

“It is this kind of red tape that creates frustration for healthcare providers and patients alike. We know that preauthorization leads to delays in care and worse health outcomes for patients—it’s time to put patients first. Preauthorization doesn’t do that,” Green added. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Here Is Who Will Serve On The Anti-Woke Caucus In Congress)

Green originally introduced the bill in the 118th Congress.

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