Green introduced the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act Tuesday after reports surfaced that the Biden administration was interpreting a gun control law passed last year to prohibit federal funds from going to school programs that teach students archery or hunting. The Department of Education said a provision in the law prohibits federal funds for schools from going to training programs with “dangerous weapons.”

The bill is co-sponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) and would amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act so that federal funds can once again flow freely to archery, hunting, and shooting sports programs.

Green said the Biden administration’s decision to restrict funds from archery and hunting programs was “a direct reflection of his disconnect with many Americans” and said the withholding of funds was part of a broader pattern by the administration to target communities and states who disagree with the administration’s policies.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, Green noted that “hunters and fishers are our most prominent conservationists” and wondered why the president was opposing efforts to train students in the safe use of firearms.


“I’d like to think President Biden would support the education of students in the proper handling of firearms and bows for the purposes of hunting,” Green said. “His decision to strip this funding from schools makes his underlying goal clear: To rip firearms out of the hands of honest Americans.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Education told the Washington Examiner: “The department continues to implement the law as developed by Congress, and continues to be open to engagement from members regarding changes to this statutory language.”

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