CLARKSVILLE — Today, Representative Mark Green, (R-TN) announced his reelection campaign for Tennessee’s 7th Congressional district:

“I am honored to announce that I am seeking another term in Congress to  continue serving the people of Tennessee’s 7th district. Getting to represent the voices of Tennesseans in Middle and West Tennessee has been the honor of my lifetime.  

From the radical left’s attack on our freedoms and President Biden’s atrocious handling of the economy to serious national security challenges, our nation is under threat. The heavy-handed policies of the Democrat leadership in Washington have harmed all Americans—from small towns to the inner city, from union members to small business owners. Now isn’t the time to get complacent, but to fight harder for freedom, justice, and for every American to be able to attain the American dream.

As your representative in Washington, I will work to protect the rights of Tennesseans to govern themselves. The federal government has no right telling the people of Tennessee how to run their lives and businesses, what healthcare decisions to make, or even how to administer our elections. Allowing the federal government to encroach further into our lives, inch by inch, is dangerous—this is how you get tyranny.

That is why I am committed to fighting against government overreach and for the preservation of the freedom that makes our country great. I look forward to asking all the voters of the 7th district—old and new—for their vote, and I will give 100% of my energy to helping every Tennessean in this district to use his or her God-given abilities to fulfill the potential given to them.”

During his first two terms in office, Representative Green has worked hard on behalf of Tennesseans and the American people. During his second term, Representative Green has worked to protect the rights of servicemembers and veterans, fought to safeguard our national security and hold our adversaries accountable, fought for the rights of Americans to live in accord with their conscience, and has fought to preserve our Constitutional form of government. To see a full list of Rep. Green’s accomplishments during his second term thus far go here.

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