Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., urged President Biden to take bold action against Russia for attacking Ukraine, Thursday, warning on “Fox & Friends First” of historic consequences if the U.S. waits until it’s too late.

REP. MARK GREEN: This is devastating. The attack is happening in cities all the way to the West and these are explosions – we’re seeing explosions, we’re getting reports of casualties, we’re seeing tanks, we’re seeing Russian aircraft, Russian helicopters. I mean, it’s a full-scale invasion of the entire country of Ukraine. This idea of them just going into one section, well, that’s been totally done away with. This is a full-scale invasion. We have to be strong and it’s time for a boldness from Biden we’ve never seen. So hopefully today we’ll actually do something real and show strength.

Read more and watch the clip on Fox News.

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