Many have urged me to take the fight to Washington for months, so I knew we had a good base of support. But, I never could’ve imagined with the outpouring of support we’ve received.

First out of the gate was the Club for Growth PAC, our country’s leading small government advocacy group, who said, “Mark Green may be the toughest conservative candidate we’ve ever met.” Then we received the endorsement of the Senator Rick Santorum, who won the 2012 Republican presidential primary in Tennessee.

Shortly thereafter, we received the endorsement of the leading pro-family advocacy group in the country, Family Research Council Action PAC, which noted, “These formidable times require bold leaders of unwavering conviction…Mark Green…will be just such a leader in the United States Congress.”

And, I’m proud to announce, just a few days ago, we received the endorsement of the Freedom Caucus’ PAC, the House Freedom Fund! The Freedom Caucus is the tip of the spear in defending our freedom from the Washington establishment. And every day, they stand tall to fight for President Trump’s agenda.

Leading national conservatives have coalesced behind our campaign. Conservative leaders in Tennessee are united as well.


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