Congressman Mark Green is calling for answers after seeing COVID numbers in emails between the mayor’s office and the city health department.

On July 2nd Mayor John Cooper closed Nashville bars He said it was based on contact tracing.

“Public health investigators have found a record number of clusters originating from bars within the past week, which have affected employees, patrons and musicians,” said Mayor Cooper.

We know now, that as of July 2, there were only 19 cases contact-traced to Davidson County bars since March. 3 in restaurants as discovered in the emails.

Later in that press conference, the chair of the metro coronavirus task force-Dr. Alex Jahangir does talk about the cases, but uses the number 30.

“We are seeing about at least ten locations.. at least, a total of around 30 people confirmed tested positive,”

Late this afternoon the metro health department said there were just 22 cases on June 30th but there were 6 more cases reported on Wednesday July 1 that the actual number at the time of the press conference was 28.

What’s NEVER mentioned in the press conference is that those cases were dwarfed by what was happening in the construction industry at that same time. 1251 cases traced to construction sites between March and June.

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