Clarksville Rep. Mark Green wants another term in Congress to affirm his commitment to values he sees as integral to his District 7 constituents.

“Tennesseans want freedom, they want to be left alone, they want government out of their lives,” Green said in a phone interview between informal campaign events.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in Mississippi, Green, 55, attended West Point and served in the military. In his early 30s, he made the decision to attend medical school at Wright State University.

He became an Army physician and served during the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. Green later founded Align MD, a hospital staffing company.

He was elected to the Tennessee Senate in 2012 before winning a U.S. Congress seat in 2018.

Coming off his first term, Green said serving in Washington, D.C. has been “enlightening,” mainly because of the difficulty he has seen and felt in Republican bills getting past Democratic leadership.

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