100 conservative leaders from across Tennessee joined together to endorse Dr. Mark Green for Congress today. Endorsing Green are current and former leaders of county Republican Parties, Tea Party groups, Republican Women clubs, Trump for President, Cruz for President, Young Republican clubs, and College Republican chapters.

“Mark Green’s support among grassroots conservatives in Tennessee is unmatched in the decades I’ve been involved in Republican politics,” noted grassroots coordinator Myra Simons, who previously served as Board President of the Yes on 1 campaign. “Grassroots leaders know Mark isn’t another career politician–but as a citizen legislator in the State Senate, he has been our conservative champion. We’re confident he’ll take that same leadership to Congress.”

The 100 conservative leaders join the Club for Growth, Family Research Council Action, the House Freedom Fund, Sen. Rick Santorum, and Art Laffer in endorsing Green.

“I’m humbled to receive the endorsements of all these conservative leaders who have spent decades fighting against the status quo in Nashville and Washington. I pledge to take that same fight for smaller government and our Tennessee values to Congress,” remarked Green.

The full list of those endorsing Dr. Green today can be found here. All titles and affiliations are included for identification purposes only.

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